Garcia Gonzalez & Barradas is a law firm founded over a decade ago, with more than 20 years of experience, achieving exceptional results in all our cases.

It has provided legal counsel on the highest level to national and international clients, both individuals and corporations, involving representation on investment funds and international bondholders, public and multinational companies.

We also provide services to financial institutions, government entities and agencies in matters of public and private law, specialized in criminal and constitutional areas.





Our firm is specialized in handling criminal matters, with experience at national and international level. Our practice has been extensive and has led us to coordinate complex conflicts in multidisciplinary matters, such as constitutional, civil, commercial, tax and labor, contributing to the definition of the most convenient strategy for the interests of our clients.

The firm has extensive experience in constitutional litigation before the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation, other federal and local courts, as well as the sponsorship of both the defense of accused or accused and representing the accusing party, before Attorney General's Offices.

Between our most outstanding cases we can mention the representation of :
•Bondholders in Oro Negro case.
•Board Members in one of the biggest concrete manufacturer, Cementos Cruz Azul.
•Government of the State of Puebla in the Mary Street Jenkins Foundation case.
•Former General Head of Security for National Gas & Oil (Pemex) against the Mexican State, seeking him for asylum and leading the legal strategy.


At GGYB we have the full conviction of representing those in need with our full support .

We have participated actively, as counsels with LA CANA, a non-profit organization for women in prison to crate job opportunities and advising them through the Libertad program.

Also, we have represented abused individuals at state and federal courts. One of our most outstanding cases has been the defense of Mrs. Virginia Silvestre Valdez, an indigenous woman unfairly accused and sentenced for a not committed crime. After being unjustly detained for 13 years, we were able to prove her innocence and get her immediate freedom.





Mr. Garcia was born in the city of Querétaro, Querétaro, in 1974.

Since 1997, he has focused on the private practice, advising and representing individuals and government entities and agencies in matters of public and private law.

In 1997 he joined the Zinser, Esponda y Gómez Mont Law firm as an intern, where he became an associate, serving as such until 2013.

He has participated in other jurisdictions as expert witness on Mexican law.

As fluent in English he has participated in many international trials, extradition proceedings, asylum and refuge cases, in other countries collaborating with international firms, such as Canada, United States of America, United Kingdom and Australia.


Mr. Barradas was born in Mexico City in 1983. He is a lawyer by Escuela Libre de Derecho law school, obtaining the degree of Specialist in Accusatory System. Diploma in Accusatory System and Oral Trials by the Universidad Panamericana, obtaining Honorable Mention.

Master of Laws (LL.M.) with Specialization in Oral Litigation from the California Western School of Law, San Diego, California, obtaining Magna Cum Laude mention. Master in prevention and repression of money laundering, tax fraud and compliance by the University of Santiago de Compostela, Spain.

He collaborated in the corporate firm Frank, Galicia y Robles Abogados and in 2004 he joined the firm Zinser, Esponda y Gómez Mont Abogados, where he became an associate until 2013.

Mr. Barradas is a member of the Mexican Bar Association B.C. He has taught various criminal law courses at ITAM and the Escuela Libre de Derecho.



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